Starting a Small Business? Do You Know the Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Website?

It used to be that the first thing a starting small business did for their advertising was to get a yellow pages ad (very expensive these days). While that is still a good thing most often new business owners overlook the power of the Internet, the power and the low cost of having a website. So how can a website help you? Here are just a few ways:

1. It gives your business more credibility. When a business has a website it shows the prospective customer that you are serious about your business and take the time and pride to show off what your business is about.

2. It allows you to show off the benefits and features of your new business. You have a chance to explain what your business is about. All the benefits your business has to offer, what will the customer get out of using your services or products, what will it do for them. Then you can get into the actual features on what exactly your business is offering, the specifics and technical stuff if you like.

3. Your prospective customers get to know you, your expertise and history in the About Us page. Getting to know you, and your company gives you a humane face. It helps your starting small business by giving confidence to your prospects simply by building a more personal rapport with them and ultimately helping them with the decision to use your services or products.

4. It’s up and operational 24/7 so anybody can look at it and learn about your small business any time. This is self-explanatory but important. People use the Internet at all hours of the day. You cannot be at your desk answering the phone 24/7, nor should you.

5. If you have an interactive website, and you should, customers can place orders or send in a request for quote any time. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to work in the morning only to find a couple of leads or even sales ready for you to process?

6. Use it as a simple way for people to find your physical location. This cuts down on you wasting your time explaining where the exact address is and how to get there. Have a Google map on your Contact Us page.

7. Best of all it creates many avenues for your starting small business to get much needed leads on a continuous basis with little maintenance. From my experience as a small business owner, I know we all want, need, and wish to get more leads. There are many ways to get leads but some of them are really expensive, others are extremely time consuming and some are both.

So when you start up your business, no matter how small, think about the Internet, people in your own community use it all the time so why not let them know right away that you are open for business by showing off your website.